About our company

OTSI bv was founded in 1955 as a manufacturer of bicycle  accessories such as rainwear, bicycle bags, chain- and coat protection by mr. OTten in SIlvolde on April 1. of that year. Later it became necessary to specialize and say farewell to the last mentioned two items.

After a number of removals, because of the growth of our company, OTSI bv operates now since 1996 out of a new built logistic centre and offices on the new industrial area De Huet in Doetinchem at the Edisonstraat 98. With this new building would further removals belong to the past, everybody thought. But further growth of our assortment made it necessary to rent more and more warehouse space on different locations. End of 2005 we bought the neighbours accommodation and do have now the availability over 8.500 m² area.

From our location in Doetinchem factories in Holland, the U.K., India, Pakistan and South-East Asia are conducted. At the same time we are trying to serve in a satisfactory way our clients all over Europe and further. Our own designers are taking care of innovation and development from collectional and customer-made items.

Otsi bv aan de Edisonstraat in Doetinchem